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"In those early years I because inhibitted fix for but caused go off accidentally go into evil, finally and all over paralyze, but process so several years are inside the body worked properly Wen Yang of dint, at the beginning be broken of blood vessels already recover, and my state again promote 1 F, the go off accidentally go into evil leave behind of injury already basic recover.

After finishing saying, the Du flies to hope a bit frustrated 138 squad member, suddenly have some to lose to smile in the heart.He before bring up the variation person's topic, is to want to raise coagulating of squad dint, but have never thought now the coagulating of squad dint raised, but many member of team for in the future imagine dimed a lot, this exactly is well is bad, can at later at see.

Resist for a sky, the purpose of Chen this trip is very strange, even he all doesn't know that he wants to do by himself what, the dream son of oneself younger sister Shi depends on of purpose can say to is very definitely, but own purpose is so of faintness, oneself's teacher

Come from a gold small open what idea anticipate BE, ground fire monster Wei power of the Jing was unexpectedly inhibitted down gradually by huge absolute being A-their middle that regiment turn over an energy regiment for bursting out, the strong strength in huge absolute being A pushes a fire monster the Jing moved to come over under the gradual facing ground, although is slow-moving,have a kind of felling that certainly can not block!

Seeing a gold small to open is nowise hard to tackle of can climb up, peeped out surprised air in the savage country people leader eyes of one side, suddenly he cannot help but saying:"You are fierce!Although growing is thin and small,the vivid degree is even aller good than my clansmens!"

Return to later 2 people of office to sit jade's continuing at the male is continuously to say very sweet of words, coax Lin Mu Xue, the water stains on the sofa has already been wiped clean.

Under the suggestion of orchid degree, they the next destination is 12 one of the Di holeses that approach here most :Thunder empire.

"?"Li Heng Yang who hears an outside speaks those"go corpse" to come over, Gou morale of troops inside not from beat a Tu, the hand preparing to open the door also shrinks back.

The gold is small to open to put to put a hand, way:"I also leave, I am very curious to those heathens, want to see them to actually grow what appearance."

"Shut up!"The Du flies cold drink a , immediately body form in a flash, a Zhang will want to take Du to fly to talk with police-woman"fatty pig" shot of Tao gun is dizzy, the noodles took commiseration ground to see one eye, " I once said to let you are acting rashly!"

By this time, that hugely flying an empty warship ship has already slowly fallen down, the propeller takes to move of the wind force stir of the dust smoke of ground fly book and let people can not open eyes.And those just in the middle of fighting of the black evil person also all discovered mishap, flounder


Kowtow for somebody else to make a bow with hands folded in front, see weakly don't humiliate not to satisfy, this isn't the good personal character, how treat a weak can even reflect a person's essence.The matter seen show face is to rob or let, see a difficulty, is top or hide, is also a contrast.In fact the person sees in this contrast know most , only see a side seeing not pure.To the leadership, regardless in the on the stage, also at under the stage, whether similar respect.To together the class is also a contrast, similar united towards having not promoted a possible person, whether.Together class, have of promote of possibility, have of don't promote of the possibility isn't similar to solidify them.There are two kinds of circumstances here:A kind of circumstance is to see which want to promote and make a good relation with him at once, in the future promote behind to from have already had an advantage;It is this person to want to promote to still have a kind of circumstance, he went up and then had no my business, I definitely gave him point hard nut to crack.To haven't promoted possible persons all similar united he, to bottom class whether on seeing colleague ground to take good care of them, this is to see personal character in the contrast.The second don't ask for perfection to blame.The good person isn't a perfect person, uses up the person's condition to request a good person, ignore how your subjective wishes is, finally affirm is to fight a good person, especially fight the good person of those able matters, this is a 100 matter not great regulation, use up the person's condition requests a good person, this is our several years of a mistake area.What about why to say to fight a good person?Because good person able matter, the executive officer has an antinomy, and his weakness also exposes under the in broad daylight, do a lot of persons looking at him, if take a standard of perfect person to request him, he could not reach, so can knock him at any time.The standard of perfect person is a whip son that can knock a good person at any time, put forward the standard of perfect person not necessarily is a bad heart, the weakness of the whichever person is all extension of his advantage, this person has much of definite view, so someone will suggest an opinion to say he is subjective, why?Because definite view can peg out with subjective on the contents and can not distinguish on the manifestation.Some persons frequently and frequently Ken Ken, head in work, the party calls stems what do what, this kind of person usually lacks to create sex.The person of old ox type doesn't dare to overstep the utmost limit, this kind of person is a good person, but makes him have eccentricity innovation, he also has no, his advantage an extension prolong don't innovate, definite view an extension prolong subjective, is so relation.You make him have much of definite view, and then make him a little subjective all have no, this kind of person has no;You make him head in work, and then make him have already created sex, also very difficult.But our document, our theory none of article say so, all request our staff to is "since …… again ……" staff, current definite view, again not subjective;Head in work, and have already created sex.Can not say, either not to, I think this is just a diligent direction, can not say that I have definite view, the ability is literally subjective.But we at measure a good person

"And is Wu Meng an enemy?"The Du flew to lightly smile to smile, " seems you to seek to ascend mine."

Again see in a short while after, the gold is small to open to estimate they again can't have what big action, Hey Hey smile two, this just get those seamans to silently slip away.Break of activity already victory completion, leave of is going to look for Wei fingerling several people, just have no many fishing for of Mo sign lines to point road, the gold is alone small to open is can hardly find out theirs.And his time is limited, lead a burst of even want Qin Di's space, if don't can find out them within several days, the affair perhaps will become more troublesome.

A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.

Appear, the doubt slowly opened eyes and discovered that those 110 guns copying has already disappeared to disappear under the evil Sha king, can at it nearby not Li Jun Shou in the distance in but is a Qing a pole long gun, rob point and its head only the distance of one Chinese foot.Looking at the Shan in Li Jun Mo's the Sha king's eyes of stopping the aggression to appear one color of silk doubt.

Resist for a sky, once the Chen wave hand, at long living the shadow of human figures out of the palace, immediately the in a flash presents, the number isn't a lot of, however, the heresy dollar doesn't dare to despise at all.

But now, the Du flies heart in have already concluded a theory already to this viewpoint, wait until having no of feather empire in the sky Huang plateau, he then will change one another 1 set is conducting of way.

"That guy affirmation is that what get son Mo Chou Gu's person, he knew our existence now, affirmation will to fix true alliance to report!"Seeing the wood Huai hasn't responded to come over, car Xuan the station Be some to dissatisfiedly remind a way.

but on this evening one of the men raised his hand.

Li Jun sees whirling with the personal dint break the logjam on the field can not help towarding side in the body

Easily slips away to go abroad as ambassador building, the gold was small to open to make an effort to absorb an one mouthful of air, big great in the heart.


"I have already said what?"The Hui heart dazes a way.""

After turning a few empty boats, the gold was small to open to finally and again arrive at a thunder emperor of Di hole.

Although Mr. Miller has no excessive earth's surface feeling variety, still forbade not to live to return a salute:"Good-morning."The voice is low must only their two talented persons can hear.The result of end is:The missionary is pointed to the right side-meaning is a survival.

" ……Is a free alliance will make of ghost?"Fill to puzzle in the heart of Ni Er, think not and deeply and actually is who have great enmity like this to oneself, don't want to place oneself at the hopeless situation can not.

"I pour to still really want to know Xiang the madam exactly intends for what.Also need not you worried, I follow you be, that, "seal a Ling to looking at dream son according to say:"Younger sister Shi, see to me and want to vow, doing not know when can also see you again."

The headache that"your novel saw many ……" gold is small to open to live a treasure to this not is already:"Really want to seek inside the Dan, you dissect a corpse by yourself!"

As they watched,it tore out Hugo Baskerville's throat.Then it turned towards them.Its eyes

"The card spaces out a person, their top of head of those gobble up a pit and actually do what use?"

Because the car opens a little bit slowly, Han Qiu Ya feels 2 sits a bit strange, strike up a conversation ground and six green chat.And six suppressing for two days is also green, the bitterness in the heart can not tell to the person and see arrive such a kind and genial police's elder sister now, don't know how of, there was the yu to get off the heart toward the person to hope, opened words box son.

What, but again temporarily surprisingly oneself understood what.

Send to all friends who will soon leave campus.


"It is quite good."That person knits the brows to took a look a gold small open, cold hum a , way:"You again is where come of practice moral teachings?How to connect your this kind of chicken lobster riceses now abilities to all bump indiscriminately everywhere in the imperial palace."

Receiving Ni in the room can of telephone, the Du flies and then comes downstairs and waits in the Ni of hall can shoulder to shoulder front door in the hotel.This scene makes many waiters of hotel greatly drop glasses, they still think smiling at ordinary times but refuse again person's a long distance of old total, can't have friendly intercourse with any men!

"Being small to open adult is impending!"

Like this do also not have no truth, after all is oneself to keep a big kid, how willing to give up marry so far, if stand on the kid's angle, the parents' thought is probably some to keep.In fine, I see an on the prowl of girl's sub- pain and sufferings of emaciation between the natural affection and the love, continuously shed tears, she hopes that the parents accept them, but is a so extravagant wishes.I can not help being just thinking, female kid finally how do a choice?Is to choose parents, still choice lover?The program approached end, parents resolute attitude, male friend expectation of look in the eyes, the female kid decides to break up and goes home with parents.If I saw a girl who cries to make a noise after doing decision, was he end heel male friend say take leave, male the friend still report a silk to hope of and the girl's parents apologize, want finally separate, the girl isn't willing to stand up with end of a time hopes, made the public all ground.Not should be a final outcome like this, my eyes capture tears and be like Cao clever say of she also not know why will shed tears, all probably have the regret to end like this to this love.In the pleased sorrow inside my heart three mix, pleased is she didn't give up natural affection, didn't neglect the parents' loving care from childhood, substituting of sorrow this to the regret of lover, how many affair occurrence like thises does this in this world also have?

Then hurry up to pour a cup to directly drink up to oneself, then immediately after poured one cup again, if this wine doesn't finish drinking at once, the jade still really fears them at the male two do again.

Once in a very long while novel download the net collection tidy up a sad feeling butterfly-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

"To, remember that the Xiao voice that butcher a big dragon can drive out various variation monster, perhaps this is also his masterpiece."The gold is small to open decision to more observe again in a short while, if really butcher big Long Deng Ren to hide a body in the underneath, that naturally necessary give drag along thunder they some sign line shells taste taste.

"E?"Be given once the Ma Si master remind, the Du flies immediately to wake up with a start from contemplate, embarrassed later on on smiling, then rendered unto sheepskin book in the hand to give a Ma Si master.

"Just that it's different to live a principle!"Listenned to Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De's heart in think, the Du flew to clap to clap his shoulder consolation way, " at least you now wife wise son filial piety, once liked few person's 1 of my Gu house!"

"."Drive ship more the voice of lord in the house wake up with a start from the imagination, the small male respected a farmland to immediately discover him to rude in behavior.Smile toward the ship more the house Be a little bit main to nod, then the small male respected a farmland to slowly walk into board room in.

This goes to I water, also don't know how.


The gold is small to open, the person station that is responsible for orchestrating conductor of green bird and tooth Liao several etc.s is in the bridge house getting empty boat and retire to be like from all of the conjecture up can clearly see the detailed circumstance in inside in the square number.See nether battalion, the gold is small to open to cannot help but praising highly a way:"So many excellent warriors, absolutely can chase those blamed of star the thief connect the root pull out!"

"For a few key figures of aerospace bureau, we all carried on supervision and hadn't discovered a problem so far."

Listen to the Du fly of answer criticism, the pure unique way person seems to be also to feel to force Du to fly too much and pondered for a while, openings way:"That for eight method machines, the way friend gives this person eight method machines, this person from will keep mouth tightly shut!"

"Need not be over-courteous!I know that you handle affairs, I trust!"Because the car Xuan station has no falsely and supplementarily aside

The gold is small to open to fall their in front, say with smile:"You how so carelessly?Unexpectedly drive those big summer clansmen to grasp to."

From now on machine absolute being by dint of the heart chain Jue spreads fame to fix true boundary, while the machine religion also change name the machine absolute being believe in, the machine absolute being is to open to send Zu teacher."

Thought of here, China Qi cloud had some to hesitate, if Huang Le Zhong is really Huang Gui Yue's younger generation, that according to the rules of martial alliance, she isn't very directly either to send person to catch Huang Le Zhong.

I don't have girl friend.So the day played truant inside, I can be foolish to get to the Internet or read a magazine to the library in the dormitory and occasionally also kick ball to the drill ground, but the opportunity like this isn't always a lot of.Because the drill ground opens of time usually is limited by sunrise front and sunset after, before the sunrise I didn't°yet be surprised from the beautiful in a dream awake, but sunset after, spreads the football field of sod to solemnly become one bed of opening widely, up lie full the men and women of sweet embrace, dusk light the bottom even can see pure they put the various posture and action of , a little bit making people"sour" cant not bear to see.And the second day morning you will discover, verdant of turf-grass up throw full toilet paper, dried melon seeds skin ……this circumstance usually make the wreath Wei worker who carries hogshead hope "field" interest to sigh, don't understand to still can make in the evening what"sport", unexpectedly produce so many garbages.

Shut eyes to wait for Lin Mu Xue whom the last moment arrives, suddenly felt own concealed*there was a thing to touch for a while, tiny tinily open an eye, Lin Mu Xue sees a head over there, originally and just touch to touch is ownly and unexpectedly a jade in the male's hand.

Like, also only so-so.

That M the people made sure Han Qiu Ya's identity, some in astonishment compliment way:", Unexpectedly face public security official's bureau chief of sea unexpectedly is one beautiful of east female!For today's dispute, I feel to in fact is a misunderstanding, I decide to see on the beautiful lady's face now and dissolve to that bad driver


The gold of one side is small to open is frightened, and then feel interesting, have never thought those big summer clansmens and have frightened thing.However come to judge from their words, there noodles forbid of is also a big summer clansmen?

Certainly, more people then in the concern, why does the world dollar dint actually will produce variety?Source is where actually?This is exactly a kind of brief variety, still long-term change?

"Ha ha."The Du flies light smiled to smile, but didn't explain, said that the voice "take leave", walk with Li Dan Shu to part.And pull Pu way also voice Qian, go to favour assembly hall inside of arrange.

"Just the thanks flew one degree way friend to break siege …… , should be called to fly one degree elder generation!"Just saw the Du fly to indeed as expected make moves to help her, in the great white crane true public not from living glad for several cents, however the Du flies after a few words spoken ground release that person and basically have never realized her one silk opinion, in the great white crane true public again angrily get up, speak of at the moment words to also take last two refuse person's a long distance of tone.

Emperor Ge's three elders at this time but seem to be safely matchless.Can listen to from just the Du fly with Chen Shi Bin's dialogue, the Du flies to also beat to go into lord Peng Lai the idea of the territory, since it is so, that they 3 even if is a beneficial resources, ignore end is who victory, all will will they income troops, so need not worry.

"Go to, want how vent how vent!"The knife taking out a the black gold from the universe quit passes to that girl, the Du flies to sink a voice to say.

The gold is small to open after the having a fire tooth encourages for oneself, the heroism livings and be also no longer like at the beginning and so before looking forward after attending to, fear that this fears that.

"The Du receives a parliament compulsive order, airship immediately the start return to a parliament lord star."The Du flies 3 people just on getting into airship, heard empty voice of moxa rice ring out in the airship, the airship light fire in a moment later on, the acceleration flies toward the atmosphere outer circle.

"I should once say to you before and existed various vitality of each kind in the nature, there is the earth vitality, magma in the earth in have there is ocean vitality in the flame vitality, ocean ……and actual in the unreal, also exist thin and diluted vitality."The fire tooth in detail gives the gold the way that is small to open an explanation:"The vitality coagulated in the unreal is the sky vitality.But this Lu evil stone, then from the sky crystallize of vitality coagulation but become!"

The knife long grass disappears, the left Huai seems to be already to give up, however even now, whole long living palace valley sky in, suddenly majority of an eyes come.

"That you come often mountain City ……because how many days of front of does that rob a case?"The gold is small to open to finally ask out the problem that this oneself have been concerning.He has a little to not too believe, come so the big of many people battle just for dealing with he or she, this"flea superman".


"Teacher, I still occupy to want to Xin Ji's president of association there 1."Once had supper, the Du flew and teacher Louis Si one person held one the cup is hot tea, sit on the bench of hall chew the fat after more than 10 minutes, the Du flies suddenly an openings way.

Walk to greatly wrap a door to that luxury

"Fly one degree way friend, you frankly speaking, is be not asked for in the outside what bother?"Fly after the hall sits quietly with Du, the long happy true talented person asks a way with serious look.

"My wife was pregnant and bothered each favour of doing, let some road is all right?I thank here each!"

"How are you?"Wait until two females to reply to come over, this just thought of the "wretchedness personage" Du being saved by them to fly and lived very dynamic Liu Xin Yu of wave to immediately twist a head to ask a way.

"Will you go to if you knew?"The Hui far asks a way.

rrying a gun.

Seeing the strategies has been already become, the Du flies then stride to walk into gather the center of a circle of working properly, take out a soul stone the under plate knee sit properly.Wanted to think, the Du flew to then and again take out to spread achievement jade Chien cautiously and see 1 time among them for build the description of radicle process.

Equally get hurt of is much more than river door Yi Chuan, so just the vehemence of fierce Hui Hong suddenly the all ofs took back, even if with that strives for of pre-eminent still can not bear of rise, at river door the Yi Chuan got hurt to throw up blood of time, Sun Mou also threw up blood in because of canning not bear to so strongly measure anti-ly to bite.But Sun Mou didn't have deadlock because of getting hurt, he puts together to get hurt want to fight for of is also however is that this is very short for an instant just.The blood in hasn't finished vomiting to strive for with Gao Gao Yue since, the gold knife in the hand takes the true spirit of scarlet to soar to the skies to cut to river door the top of head of the Yi Chuan.

"Du old younger brother, those people are what Vietnam helpses, cause you to give offense to this time them, I am really ……" old Zhang Yi Lian's Kui color.

"BE seal ……can enter the thing of ability not?"The gold is small to open to pour is have no how much the viewpoint that is worried that oneself returns not to go, anyway is above also a terrible rat nest, also not equal to avoids a period of time in this place.


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Pendant ce temps, les membres de la famille de l'ancien président Mursi dirigeants militaires égyptiens ont fait des allégations sérieuses, leur coup d'Etat militaire, enlevé Mursi appel. Mursi voix internationales exigeant la libération continue aussi à augmenter. Récemment, les états-Unis et l'Union européenne sont désormais de nouveau demandé aux autorités égyptiennes de libérer immédiatement toutes les personnes détenues pour des raisons politiques.


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