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[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx[/url] "?"Smell a second Se double of speech once the eyebrow pick, sneer at one- track, " you, this joke isn't funny!"

"BE, BE!"The Du flies to freely plus of give repeated advice to, listen to in Lin Jun's joy come but seem a warning, smell his favour of speech repeatedly nod of should be next, fear Du to fly could not feel the decision that he keeps secret.

See this circumstance, the Du flies to work properly to know to return to inside the body, after recruiting a variation of work properly burning, then a not another small apex of distance, saw variation work properly burning for velocity of light to generally fly in the past and directly and obscurely pare that apex to three meters much Gao.

The gold is small to open tiny tiny one Leng, way:"The source of light absolute being?Very strange name.Do you how can know here?"

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren outlet online[/url] The Du flew to originally still think that this traded down, the crystal currency could not remain how much, have never thought some kind of calculations of passing by the Feng Jiao, unexpectedly canned also stay 67 first grade crystal currencies.This not from let the coarse spirit that the Du flies make again, thought to be previous of those trade, if he bright blue identity jade card, can estimating also save a first grade crystal currency!

Week of"this ……" small United States hesitated for a while and still kept agreeing, "since the Sir wants, that sends to you!"However, when she sees in the neck that the Du fly to without extra trouble fasten a necklace at him, being getting reder of face Teng:Just that silver heart mourns to fall to between her double milk and probably still takes her body temperature and frankincense, but have already stuck the chest that flies in the Du now, does this calculate an indirect skin blind date?

"Question?What question?"The gold is small to open a bit puzzling.


[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx[/url] "Is so?But your airship was captured by that evolution body, this matter could not prove at all."Hear wave green defense, the Suo pulled Bo to coolly shake to shake head a way.Although the wave is green to is his close granddaughter, in consideration of this matter lead long to pull very big, if the end assurance can not find out that cosmos passage, that no matter the wave is green say exactly to is to isn't true, must hand over her to go out to arrive offense.

"Is this what mean?He has already what's wrong discover, so want to start to me?However we again incognizant, this actually ……"the gold is small happy medium doubt not already, however he pours not equal to worry the existence of that breathing, anyway have a fire tooth at, should not become what problem."Is a surprisingly very small adult's ceremony, unexpectedly also appear an affair like this."

Use soul allied connect a dynasty of this hair go to the first station gather of location after, the Du flies this just feeling in the whole world of space chemical element, the body form is one Shan, left the empress valley that the evil palace halts ground.

"Unexpectedly there is this matter?"Listen to the long happy true person speak here, the Du flew to cannot help but making a noise to interrupt him.This news is really too astonishing, if is true, the monks in that now, isn't opportunity to basically have never achieved wisdom to fly to rise?

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren outlet store[/url] I am on 100 degrees dozen the natural affection and the love, search one a lot of this articles, there is the story that natural affection and love of the relating of a long statement touch a car, there are only a telling of words, I see more pain and sufferingses that is a writer and frighten into inaction, positive such as I now in the moment always flick don't go of the female kid in the programs is helpless again tears continuous eyes.Love oneself have no wrong, but our but again always be loved but harm, harm of not only only is oneself, also the person of pregnant side.From this female kid don't determine resolute words, it isn't difficult to see she really think that the parents can forgive her and accept this love, she also really loves her male friend, this love, the not only only being two persons who love each other, but also hurting the female kid's parents of injury is probably that they are still young, pursue own love but neglect the parents' objection, using of a time lies and escape to hurt parents.See a half, I can say their three parties have the place to do amiss to all have a responsibility.The parents are absolutist too much, girl's sub- want for orders definite view, male the kid be used as not satisfactory, any affairs all have the way of much solution, if they are willing to give each other an opportunity and stand on the position of the other party to think, which afraid is time that gives them a test, the affair may have another result.The world parents' heart, have no which normal parents don't love his/her own kid of, because this love, would make the parents cruelly speak"do not listen to their words and then rupture relation with sons and daughters!"This natural affection is true of can break?The feeling of this blood really because of this sentence with breeze but die?Can't of!Who all not ability God of arrange a change.The parents all hope his/her own sons and daughters are happy, the parents in the program with the daughter's male friend and them not at the same city is from, like this and determinedly oppose this feelings, let people look have a little bastinado mandarin duck, stand on the parents' angle, he

Lightly on stretching hand, the thing copies in hand, is a white used in woman to do, knead in the future very soft in hand, resist for a sky, the Chen tooks a look the place of the source of object, fast of headed for that direction.

Falling into the important performance of suppressing the Yu status is:The emotion falls low, depressed, thinking dilatoriness, the interest loses, depressed and not talking much, lack vitality, respond muff.They lack confidence to the life, experience don't arrive living of happiness, stem what all have no the Jing dozen adopt, not wish and others association, and the companion have already had a poor appetite, suffered from insomnia etc. symptom and have a liking for exhausted ennui, facial expression inhospitality, the complexion ash is dark, imitated a Buddha to sink into a painful abyss but have no dint from pull out.


[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren factory store[/url] Although know once the crisis lead,the Du flies to still let the airship is in the space passage stop over an hour, wait detection again have no action after, just change direction a green way:"Now you already safety, whether return to to go in my concealed bead space?"

"Certainly, if you don't believe, can also go up to try."Yao area gentleman Wang Lian up take the air of one silk cajolery, obviously prepare to make the gold small to open to have bitter experience.

The this place jade is cringing in two male comfortable legs, leaf cloud Qian is to seem to be also to gradually grope for some methods, act also more and more benefit Suo.

"Like, Xuan frost pure Huang, you etc.2 people to leave to point out a bottoms pupil self-discipline, the others all return to new moon mainland with me!"See strict this trouble of China solution temporarily, the Du flew to sweep one eye, those three anxious and fearful stars to believe in a Qiao to expect a monk way very much.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx[/url] Go to that piece of mainland of suspending, want to pass a transmission.At the beginning the Du flies at follow Chen Shi Bin lefts for of time, already that of the principle Be silent to stick down, at this time but was very easily a cloth to come out.

"Ground fire vitality?See the appearance seem to be very fantastic."The gold is small to open to be partial to a head to took a look sea Si, but discovers his grounds of Leng Leng hoping that passage end, some appearances of absence of minds."How?This guy heart living greedy thought, want to rend away the Jing of this fire?"Gold small happy medium stomach Fei.

She interrupts him and says:Good.Those examination, I hasn't been answering as well rightness.There in no to blame me.


[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren outlet coupon[/url] This interstellar tall ship, actually from the orchid degree is in many year ago decorations dark line in the Ding space in sky, originally just intend to do the base that one renders assistance, have never thought several years of operation down, this scale unexpectedly is an exhibition more and more is more big, to have already become a reputation not small interstellar trading company now, even if is among nine star empires is also have much of a position.

Is painful, oneself and Tang can the son is clearly the person of real in love, why do this affair to still need to seem to have illicit love the similar, be really gave Tang a hard time can son.

"Grandmother, we group development of 《 second world 》have fun well, however be get stripe very slowly, you said for aunt, revealed a little small secret to give us!"The big sofa of living room up, the summer blares snow a left an each right sat a pretty young girl, the arm that is pulling her at the moment acted in pettish.

"What plan do you have?"Two people turned 1 turn in the doorway of presidential place and looking at to defend tight presidential place, the Ni was some to curiously ask Du to fly a way.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren polo outlet[/url] "Make duplicate originally?"Peng cloud just just excitedly once connected jade Chien, suddenly heard the explanation that the Du flies, not from Leng for a while, hope toward the ancient dint of the one side later on, see him is also one vice- surprised color, just know that he didn't listen to wrong.

She likes you, so she would living your spirit;But again because like you, she just can't get angry for a long time.

The gold is small to open to smile to say with smile:"Being regarded as is the same kind, but I belong to come over from moreover a place of ……practice moral teachings."


[url=http://astonishing.makesnoise.com/ncaa.html]cheap ncaa jerseys[/url] "Etc. comes to a gold Dan to expect, can fly long Xiang to wait upon each other with Du, believed Du at that time fly should comprehend to forgive me?"Hesitated for a while, six green finally did to decide, immediately exceed open a step alignment the gentleman face a hotel to walk to, but her step, from beginning some unable to decide, arrive behind but is more and more firm ……

Along with this voice rant, the ground again appears tremor, only the tremor this time is extremely violent, some youths even stand unsteady, fall down at ground up.

In the Sung a life time clear heart a surprised, however he early wants to like the answer of this problem and sinks a track:"Is not a pupil don't tell the teacher teacher the Zu, just I the teacher is uncle Shi's one generation, capability mostly at Huang Jie or so, afraid of an enemy however that Du flies, and teacher Zu uncle Shi the Zus mostly be all closing the border, mean to say also don't know where to begin telling a stor."

"Bomb Long!"The crushed stones falls thick and fasts, huge explosion seismic wave several individuals backward the square push away, the momentary is public to don't already is all distress. http://twenson.jugem.jp/?eid=3]wholesale mlb jerseys[/url] "Yes, " Du flies a point to nod, Hun however don't feel this again much astonishment.

Have what problem.

The gold is small to open to shockingly change countenance:"Is what things?!"


[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.hostingsiteforfree.com/pandorabeads.html]Cheap Pandora Beads[/url] "The Bi Fu Han big tree, laughably over-confident?"Hear the person's Ji Feng of hush, the Du flies to have no to the slightest lose temper of evidence, just light on smiling, then as for breathing that slowly let out to hide inside the body, and continuously rise Teng.

"Anne Tony, not the important step is hasty!I have already asked solid Lun to do obeisance leader of alliance, he says that their plans soon will succeed, we can at random make moves when the time comes!"Say, Pope's hoping is one Ning to the vision out of the palace, imitating the Buddha has already seen a war alliance that plan success, while they just and without restraint massacre the scene of dark follower.

 mountains and rolling hillsides, of city skylines and village halls. But the uppermost in our minds is the final destination. On a certain day at a certain hour, we will pull into the station. Bands will be playing and flags waving. Once we reach there, so many wonderful dreams will come true and the pieces of our lives will be fit together like a completed jigsaw puzzle. How restlessly we pace the aisles, damning the minutes loitering, waiting, waiting, waiting for the station. "When we reach the station, that will be it", we cry. "When I'm 18", "When I buy a new 450SL Mercedes Benz", "When I put my last kid through collage", "When I have paid off the mortgage", "When I get a promotion", "When I reach the age of the retirement, I shall live happily ever after." Sooner or later, we must realize that there is no station, no one place t

"Like, as the first person who backs me ups, I can say a task for you again!"The Du flies to pass to return to previous of that bounty is hunter's EUR 500, " everybody can connect a task, not the ability generation other people ask."

[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.blg.lt/pandoracharms.html]Wholesale Pandora Charms[/url] "See!"See the true person of great white crane hesitate to seem to be some to dare not believe, the Du flies and then smiled to encourage 1.

The 撁 flicks Xing Wei steady Si Ling Wei the flavor Na Wan Hui You pare off Yi ノ one industry Mu bore cherry 瑪 Henry's jazzs to in anger preach.The 撐 leans on Ping to rush strong Ji of pure Ji of Xi silently the Tian pry the Li Nao industry Nai Lyu Luo D Tu to pay dare the Xiang Zou call the ∈ currency Jian ノ in the hospital easy>Mu mildewed oriole hip the night tread Qi to vomit Se Kao the Han protect to cure Li Mao industry south Chi ā

"Leave!"After 12 minutes, five Yes urgently and in a hurry rushed out a bedroom again and called a voice the Du fly, quickly go toward to outside walk to, and a few of his bodyguards see a form, also immediately heel come up.


[url=http://cheapuggoutlet.bcz.com/2013/12/06/customers-must-not-acquire-overly-ugg-boots-outlet-store/]cheap maylin ugg boots[/url] "Like, don't do these Be getting more useless."For these two odd nieces, the Du flew to wave hand to interrupt their to salute, then came forward to use to work properly dint to curl up 2 people and moved to arrive at in a sudden summer house live of big palace.

Owner a listen to jade say so at the male, immediately facial expression a change to say:"Pei, your boy how talk, is I that so a person.I am to ask you the intimate appearance for seeing beginning beginning and my younger sister to have no."

"How did you bring a stranger?"The mysterious person's voice spread out from the black tunic, his voice was hoarse, canned clearly listen to the flavor of an apathetic vigilance at the same time.This person tightly stares at a gold small open, give people's felling seem snake at stare at frog similar, make the gold small to open not to dare to wildly move.

Like, however is a love the process for growing and perishing by itself is once.

[url=http://cheapuggoutlet.webgarden.com/]cheap Roxy ugg boots[/url] Under the despair the leaf sang the thought of breeze to also start appearing a crary mind, now that all became disabled person, so make me appreciate the real strenght of Wu Huang's rank before becoming disabled person, which afraid just an also good.Thought of the leaf here sings breeze strong from endure patiently the ache brought by blood vessels breakage and is the dint inside the liquid that concentrates all minds in the oneself, with lend own idea reads will those inside all of the dint concentrated together, read along with the idea of get involved those water guttate inside the dint remitted to match gradually together, be allly inside the dint blend into one whole of time the leaf sing breeze with 1 kind see to die if the mood returning guided those to launch finally inside the dint facing pubic region is also most is violent attack.

The Du flies this to talk a , those eye pupils turn a ground of person indiscriminately Yan immediately, end all one by one report last family, flew to leave here in the Du written evidence.

"You!"Hear the Du fly to devaluate a sea clan thus lowly, four mermaids not from all the wrath rise Teng and rise to get red in the face.


[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.snack.ws/cheap-pandora-necklaces.html]Cheap Pandora Necklaces[/url] That day, I ran into big Wei in the engine room, he slightly has to cautiously come over here and asks my QQ.Afterwards I each time get to the Internet almost can meet him.We chat a school of strange smell anecdotes, talk oneself, talk family, Tanwen learns and talks a society and conceives future, but all these all is limited by a net up, in the school we meeteach other return and had no much big difference before, is still so light hello, Be just smile many some.Can I but can clearly feel a big Wei facial expression of different, after all we have so many same places, we are online is so talk to get.I much time all hope to see him and look for his figure in the crowd, on the classroom notice his on talking 1 line, discover that he is also noticing me while sometimes being me to twist a head to see him, I will hurriedly lower the head and set up for as if nothing has occurred appearance at this time, in fact the in the mind has already been like to open a flower, even the heart palpitates will also accelerate.

"My concussion doesn't get up!"The summer cloud Xi coolly saw Yin Zhi male's one eye, the doesn't matter ground said.

"The Du flies, you say the person that fight an alliance exactly at make what ghost?Why does the experiment body that drive out those to have no intelligent come to fight with us?"After aring over all pupil visits, Louis Si the master and Du fly to go toward back to walk together and suddenly pose this question.

Person is very easily drive touched, but move a person to depend of don't necessarily is an all generous almsgiving, huge devotion.Usually a passionate salute, the smile of sweet, was good enough to in the person's mind to spread one sunlight.

[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.evenweb.com/sections/blog/cheap-pandora-necklaces]Cheap Pandora Necklaces[/url] "Senior, that I do midnight snack with teacher for you."Ni can at this time just the instauration come over and see 2 people wanting a night to talk and then volunteering ground to go to a kitchen from the Du fly to attain five planets real strenght of shocked.

"Because the affair of medicine."Niger duke explanation way, " war alliance contains many hidden bases, not seek.But the headquarter of the Vatican is Vatican, anti- pour to have no base in the other place.If investigate in Vatican, affirmation can find out a medicine, so I want to invite Du to fly the elder goes together with me!"

"Dong!"Elder brother Kai's an under charge just on opening the door, Du's flying has already attacked and flown a body to come in and had never waited elder brother Kai a group of personses to respond to come over like the Nu leopard, have already been been dizzy in the ground by the shot.


[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.weebly.com/]Cheap Pandora Necklaces[/url] Tang can the son looking at a leaf cloud Qian equanimity but firmness of say:"Small Qian you didn't listen to wrong, this was my choice, in fact and a few days ago I have already said for otaku of, however there is no opportunity declaring for you, I have already given last night small pure once say, after a while had an opportunity me to also say for Lin Jie."

Wanted to think, this time the Du flies to have no directly let out to work properly burning, but sweep into those all the universe quit in.Last time, he directly let out to work properly in the warehouse burning gobbled up iron of the behavior of the piece, have a little rash.Wanting to know to work properly burning evolution is he carries on inside the body, if revealed breathing, could not say will drive what person seek to come, if be discovered by Wu Dang Pai's pupil, he perhaps and again escapes to go to Europe!

Chapter 44 Qian fixs(bottom)

"Brother-in-law, you fix true boundary not is have many miracle drug wonder drugs?Your lane to eat for us up some, let we also together fix really don't go?"Some words are canned not say it with the identity that the summer blares snow, but summer if the Xi acts in pettish as a younger generation, is can.

[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.productzone.net/wholesale-pandora-beads.html]Wholesale Pandora Beads[/url] The time in underneath three bit handsome confabulations, on the grandstand of how many see a guest also chat get up, all problems almost asking the commander-in-chief of the fairy martial empire of Ao snow is who, when just can appear?This lets Ao snow how all the answer don't come up, after all that commander-in-chief even he has never seen.When Ao snow hard put an answer, the Ao blessing towards several humalities:"Each his majesty wants to know the answer sees downward!"Several people listenned to the words of Ao blessing get down a to see just rear of seeing the fairy martial empire myriad people phalanx a ride to leave no track since then.

"You ……" sees Ma Dao's blaring is completely an appearance for keeping out of it, beautiful surprised polar region of Hong Nu will begin, however one side of beautiful fix if lightly pulled her arm, then came forward contentedly way, "three months ago, a diverted period that claims to be an expensive valley monk, killing my person the fish clan was three clansmens, severely wounded was a clansmen, also captured us of is the little clan long, didn't know what explanation the expensive valley makes?"

A great deal of vitality, regardless bombard where will produce a strong explosion!


Chapter 7 sand sea bar(up)

"Have not I died!"Drive Xiao south cloud this the Xiao of the rest of bed that is sad to shout, lie on the stone the war immediately be waked up with a start, have never liked spirit ground to scold a way.

Arrive, this became me currently a very big regret.

"BE, what do you ask this to do?"The Leng that the gold is small to open to smell speech for a while.

"Is not right!"Regrets for a while empress, the Du flies not from thought of to once beat the variation person's wave of handing over the way with him green, in the heart suddenly a surprised, Zheng Zheng ground deliberation get up.

Face a plum intercepting of female, the leaf sings breeze is the slightest don't dare the gist, quickly flick Zhang to be the plum female's silk kerchief.Plum female's hand last

"Face a sea person yes."The Du flies and also smiles an answer way, only the jade return a language confabulation that looking at 2 people and doesn't really understand with her.

The brain inside also forbids again have what those love qing action movie, my fighting strength is again 40,000,000."

Is hard to tackle ground of 36 actions of the chain body article first floor, connected to do four times of, the Du flies and then comes to coagulate the strength of body body according to the new breath method.

"Of course not BE, your heel come know."Sea the Si mysteriously smile and in front walked to go out.At the moment if keep on hoping from the sky, this a group of people seems a crest a crystal that will give out light cover son, go toward a certain direction.

The person of summer house doesn't know that Du's flying is observing them naturally at the moment, an is called to come out and beaten a gape to sit dining table and started accompanying a summer to blare snow to totally enter breakfast from the bedroom by the inside.


The gold is small to open to frightened, how he also have never thought will see red and burning here!In the evil stone harbor in times before, he already red and burning beat into severely wounded, originally thought that guy can't appear in oneself's in front any further and unexpectedly just just led not arrive a , red burning will appear in this way!

"Cause trouble in this black iron city, don't well seem ……" just hesitant, suddenly ten several people come out a door, that is red burning impressively and then and therein.A group of people in a hurry to leave, goes straight to city outside but go.The gold is small to open to cautiously conjecture these people, slightly some surprised in the heart:"The what a guy unexpectedly has the quite a few three ranks to practice moral teachings and leave of is all two ranks, see appearance this

"Give Lao Tze ground!"The gold is small to open to wildly roar a , fiercely make an effort on the hand, that crystal stone is under the function of huge strength and send out the frailty of "Mao mile Pa" to ring, a way crack maneuvers interleave, end finally"Pa Ca" is a , the whole piece of crystal stone is ground to become numerous small pieces!

The jade says with a smile at the male:"You are my wife's adult, I certainly needed to serve you to wear dress, otherwise don't wear for you."

"Offend, attack!Is quick to attackstone!This guy is an underground evil monster!"The Cha degree first wide awake and immediately puts a voice to wildly roar one throat, the ray of light in hand is one Shan at the same time, on an arm that appears like the small cannon tube similar weapon at him, that is exactly his to bite crystal!Other clerk of the workses are also all awake in succession, bright

"Flying one degree way friend should be the history that the first time hears to fix true boundary, shocked is also as it should be, have no what!"Shake to signal hint need not care, long enjoy a true person to smile a way, " the history I of chain machine also finish speaking now, don't know to fly one degree way friend has in the chain machine what doubt or insight, can take out with I discuss for a while."

2 Expect a Si gram Wei Er manuscript The of the household Baskerville Papers

His Nao one Nao skin of head:, Nothing important, just see you have scurf.


"This is all right!The world of outside, the mankind exist of the place is the Earth, have a lot of national, the history of each nation is ……still some myth legend is ……"the gold Be small to open to start to speak about these thing to pour is light loose, anyway and regardless he speaks what, is all what card pulls have never once seen.Half hour past, the proper gold is small to open


Leave elder to bring up the rear, the Du flies immediately to move to return his to believe in a main big palace in a sudden and walks to inside in the secret room to start contacting the life soul of the territory of Peng Lai to divide time.

Need not jade opens mouth at the male this time, leaf cloud Qian say:"Mama trusted, we didn't together and never once fight, in addition to sometimes arguing severals in the affair on the work, we have never once been red a face in the life, on the contrary is that we can help each other, mutual comfort, having sad affair feeling can be said with of sister for a while, their man doesn't understand some of our affairs of, so I feel very good, can also have sister to talk heart.You stop worrying, the otaku can't be ungrateful to mine, and I have already made a firm decision and ignore any circumstances to all want to marry him."

Sometimes in the life,

Certainly these reason inside jade at male some is ability complete affirmative of, some is not ability complete affirmative.

One lo you tiger head tiger brain, know that you are that one is how intelligent and clever

"Ha ha, the Du flew you to come!"Xin Bo Ting flies to the Du of surprised noise of shouting after, twist once the head see, immediately say with smile in anger, " our four senior younger brothers be harmed by you remain me a , our teacher is also harmed by you have to close the border impact that elusive five planets!But you became enforcing the law of sorcery association elder, big power in control!"Make reference to here, project two old grudge grounds in Xin Bo Yan ray of light, imitate a Buddha to want that flying Du to shoot to wear is similar, " I defies and defy the absolute being of sorcery why so unjust!Defy I why be like doggish be passed by you, also want to wat tail to try to please to you, defy you to make us fastenning to harm fragmented and disorganizedly to return an ability Gao Gao this at up!"

Autumn once the strong Ze right hand lift, the dark red flame of four regiment watermelon sizes only the ball then spout and shoot from the his body but, immediately like be affected a sort by the cordage of an invisible, around fly and soon revolve around in the his body, that several regiment light balls sent forth the light of mightiness while revolving around heat, all of whole square circles of ten several rices are that the ones are intensely hots, even the grounds all have already produced a crystal form and turned.

The discussion that hears one public vehemence, car Xuan station and wood Huai 2 people mutually see one eye, but is walk to one side

"Just some kind of high theories of elder generation are really something to think deeply about!"Wait until after a few monk registers leave, that alliance bodyguard sees a task have been already completed and then tidies up thing to walk to the noodles Du with the smile to fly a nearby great way.

"Hum!"See a true person of great white crane quickly take off she pure innocent white, any respects true public in not from dark hum 1.If not that he hears a true person of great white crane fly to open the condition of in the building in the Du in times before, perhaps can not anticipate green city either unexpectedly like this energy, don't hesitate to quarrel with Wu Dang, also want to fly the Du accept of troops!But he has already understood the greed of green city now, nature can't at believe true person of great white crane talk.

", Is a Du to fly."The Louis Si title sees is a Du to fly and then smile to let go of the sorcery personal letter in the hand and ask a way, " you to seek me is have what matter?"


Need not worry, remaining will leave a part to gobble up a pit and let them enlarge more influence more here, as long as can procrastinate up a period of time, by that time even if those influences send a person again to come over, also shortage for fear to."

After getting into evil stone harbor, the gold is small to open again be drawn in a conflict.

"Help me, hereafter greatly not change a cake of better crystal stone for you."The gold is small to open helpless under have to lure by money offers.

"Unexpectedly there is this matter?"Listen to the small male respect once the farmland say, the Du flies heart in a surprised.The emperor endures but the equal to gold Dan expect of monk, the devolution ï¼² country altogether only has eight, unexpectatively unexpectedly send to come to 1 this time!

First impression of you is most lasting. To your first impression, it is once in a very long while hard to forget.

It rained at intervals this month.Ever and anon rain this month.

"Pure unique way person?"Smell the speech Du fly one Leng, how to haven't heard this number person.However the jade liquid expects of the monk be become a person, the gold Dan expects and the above monk be just become a true person, want to come to the role that the person is a jade liquid to expect.

"Know, uncle."The Xiao Xuan is slanting slanting head, nod in response to the way.Then loosen to open Du to fly, turn round to receive jade way, "that I send you to the parking lot!"

I told Sir Henry about the crying I had heard.He rang the bell to call Barrymore,and asked him if he could explain the crying.Barrymore's face went white when he heard Sir Henry's question.

"The jailbird room is in the underground."In autumn strong Ze noodles up take a silk to smile an idea, way:"Connect ten thousand fires there, if the prisoner wants to escape, the first essentials once rushes flame passage, even if he is four ranks to gobble up, perhaps also early burn into half to die."

"Meet Chu's younger sister Shi, will have an affair like this, since I temporarily have no what is up, investigate this affair for you, after all, you also seldom come out a , and then meet an affair like this, you teacher there also not hand over bad, this affair, hand over to me."Resist for a sky, the Chen claps a breast way.


The gold is small to open to say with smile:"You haven't started in, start backing down, this isn't what good omen."

t.(I understood.)72. I can't afford that.(I undertake/buy not to rise.)73. I did it, I'm so happy now.(I attained, I was very satisfied now.)74. I don't care.(The matter that don't close me/I ignore.)75. I don't think so.(I don't think so/I see can't/not go/need not.)76. I guess so.(I think BE.)77. I have no other choice.(I have no choice.)78. I will do my best!(I will make an effort!)79. I mean it.(I am earnest.)80. I's so scared.(I am afraid pole.)81. It's hard to say.(It is difficult to say.)82. It's a long story.(It's a long story to tell/it is a long story.)83. It's a small world.(The world is really small.)84. It's against the law!(That is illegal!)85. It's a good opportunity!(Good opportunity!)86. It's dangerous!(Is dangerous!)86. It's dangerous!(Is dangerous!)87. May I help you?(Can I help?)88. No doubt about it.(It is beyond all doubt.)89. That's bullshit!(Useless talk!)90. Think it over.(It is careful to consider for a while.)91. Time will tell.(Time will prove.)92. What a surprise!(Too amazingly!)93. Whatever you say!(Literally you!)94. You are the boss!(Listen to yours!You said to calculate!)95. You have my word!(I promise!)96. Tough job, tough day,

Seeing to all of the persons here were the decision that descended to cut off all means of retreat, the jade saw them all come to a decision and had to say at the male:"Now that you all come to a decision, that after a while aunt Zhao came in and then directly say for her, who come to say?"

See the leaf who get into the self-discipline status sing breeze busy a day of Li Jun finally feel exhausted, also no wonder that she will feel exhausted, drifting on water of sea few months, haven't taken a rest and then met a leaf to sing the breeze affair like this after ascending land, cried nearly for a night of she now just relaxed the heart drawn tight down, so Li Jun Be very inclined to lean on a wall to go forward to go into dreamland.

Hard after trudging ten several inside roads, the gold was small to open to finally see the oasis-database Er Shi in desert said by Shi tile section.That is the crumb oasis that the one covers to only have a few square kilometerses, although the place isn't big,the inside has a few mountain peaks of Lin Xuns very miraculously and up living full jade-green tree and Hao grass, at

Elder brother B V and Chen Xiao Weis see jade thus decadent appearance at the male this time, don't know how to comfort him as well and sat in a short while, let jade at the male thoroughly considered for a while after, they stand up and head for doorway.

"Yi, isn't this guy that to defend city a door?How to kneel at here?"After pressing in crowd, the wave is green to discover keeps to pretty stand ground to kneel a person in the crowd, immediately had no interest, however etc. sees pure that person is exactly that day they go into city want to collect tax of guy after, then puzzle ground to flank of the person found out.

The gold is small to open to unwillingly say with smile:"Those people should be toward you come of?"

"If be really so, that flew a degree to only have nonappearance!"Listen to a true person of bosom bamboo so on saying, the Du flies a moment in brain one Shan, imitated a Buddha to understand what, then have some to not smoothly say.

However, after a year of acceleration self-discipline, the Du flies of the vapor trail Jue finally arrived the pass of end and was placed in probably break at any time of situation.But there is a problem starting perplexing him now, that achievement that is follow-up method.Waited to break to build a radicle to expect, the Du flies and then had no self-discipline again of achievement method!He hereafter go toward sorcery teacher direction development?

14 Affairs Death of the together dying of the Zhao ground on the Moor


Wildly flew a burst of after of the gold Be small to open gradual deceleration speed, he can the strength motion feeling that girlish seem to be already to disappear."The Hey discovers to make track for not and up me, did this give up?It is really dull."

"Work properly a stone to still divide three articles in the top and bottom?"Whispering in the heart is a , Du's flying don't realize reception monk with excitements all over the face and secretly deliberate in the heart.The universe quits medium the outer circle that works properly stone mountain, he once fished for as well while once what stuffing and worked properly a stone to press color and luster and radiant degree among them and probably was divided into 3 F, that be top did medium next three articleses work properly a stone?

"Wave green Sir, this contacts you, I am to want to display a perfect experiment body to you!"Do not mind there don't let out a picture, way Doctor Ge said a , then directly shot to be like a head to aim at the glass cabin of studying the on the stage.

'Dear me,'said Holmes.'A man could kill for that much.One more question.If something happened to our young friend here,who would get Baskerville Hall and all its lands?'

"Ha ha, have a meal!"Hearing the Ni can of voice, the Du flew to raise head to smile to smile, immediately to body side air doubt of the bellboy ordered a meal.

Entered a stone prison

2, depend on oneself

This problem is easy to solve.When

"Is alas, see appearance, I want to temporarily do to be a burst of pole the ice believe in of Zhang door.Just hope, never peep out what hoof just good, otherwise, perhaps they will pick the skin to me fried bone, the ground corpse is ten thousand?I but kill off their really being fierce to of the Zhang door."Gold small happy medium mind flashback, have already started releasing the "Zhang door" Yu of a to make in.

How can and so?!

Who say to like a person certain



Is even if same three rankses to gobble up, even can say own dint or strength point want far super those two people and afraid of their oneselfs is not their opponents either.

"Boon knew."The Du flies a point to nod and follow thunder to receive virtuous leave special passage in quick time, sit to come up to connect his car, drive into a hotel.

A kind of Hong Huang evil monster, can live in the astrospace, its name is called'dark monster'.Although it is to depend on absorb astrospace in of natural dollar dint existence, it is also meat-eating ……"the fire tooth opened a very small fun.

"Do not go!This guy is too severe, have it to guard to gobble up a pit, we basically can not approach!" The Wei put on a blood stain on face and sprang up to a way.

Don't live of flow bottom.Originally, the injury is such deep, grieved engrave a bone, don't lose.The discovering afterwards, usually when the midnight dream returns tears is wet Zhen towel, remember fondly to line up mountain to pour sea, the tears is since then dashing.But, girl says to he or she, after distressing the head quarter grows up, oneself probably hereafter will slowly forget.Also believe that oneself will forget, oneself will have real happiness.

PS:This chapter is tomorrow the second is more.If tomorrow go home can be early some, probably also break out one more chapter, if go home night, small Du can say Be getting more sorry ……

The office that comes out base commander, the wave is green to looking at to come and go hurried soldier in the hallway, immediately thought of these days of and kill the circumstance of of thief's alliance.

Not an experienced hand not what to know BE, these Dus fly already from he know the sea copy of know in the memory bubble, now ask also only is do appearance just.

With played to play the blue long gown on the body, play the dust of that basic nonentity, the Du flew to come out in a set of rooms that believes in from concealed bead mainland China Wei.

Five years, the Du flew already and left for five years!Allow Ting to hope in addition to window, when left tearses all don't know by himself/herself.Lose the Du flies of news already livelong four years, she has been 28 years old as well, the canthus is tiny to have crow's feet, most five years of gold in her youth, consumed in the middle of remembering fondly and waiting for.


The defense secretary plays the affair of explosion to the difficult to express pit is also on noding a clue to also have no, after receiving the telephone of expecting the Na cow, can repeatedly promise to immediately carry on a survey.

"You ……" drive wood Huai this robs to refute, the car Xuan station immediately had no a speech, could fly spirit Sa the way toward the Du, "Du boy, you give today one clear words, exactly is do my machine absolute being one vein of spread a person, return

"Really?"Lee widely waits person to smell speech pleasantly surprised.

"Float to living a secret place?"Seal to traverse a mumbling way:"Is the ground of root of each influence?"

The west Yue Hua Mountain, our country famous five one of the Yueses, the north faces the yellow river of the Wei river plain and rant that the Tan concusses, south depend on Qin Ling, is a granite mountain of northern side that Qin Ling pays vein the water ridge for cent.Rely on attiring of great universe winds and clouds transformation, thousand Zis of Hua Mountain ten thousand Tais are vividly delineated, a national scenery famous spot area.

Chuckling is a , "does the war rob a door?Only so-so."

"Palace lord!"The solid Lun does obeisance just on leaving, the high chair-back of black cloth palace lord is behind suddenly the Shan came out a person, to black cloth palace main hasty way, " ground five before getting into this palace, once was one square's male, palace chief commander the thus important post handed over to him, perhaps will living to have an accident to carry!"

Is small and open and hurriedly tell the gold this detection not to quit, the gold doesn't quit is also facial expression to greatly change:"Will these two boys break second stage and get into a third stage awakening?Otherwise strength affirmation isn't so big.This descended mess, even if our person is many, perhaps and finally is also a nobody wins ……"

He probably has 50 many year old.Age like this should be a father.

The rebel chief is one Zheng, seem to have never thought the action forgetting is so quick, however he still obeys of stop next touch the hand of gun.

Two years of university is living to lead of have no a purpose, the joy faultily once fell and once laughed heartily to once shed tears.The frustrate of feelings makes people feel that the world has already had no reluctant to part with, the pressure of examination give person not intentional pant, always feel to study at that the university is to come to suffer mental agony.However lose friend of sincerely help heel unselfish care but make me fall in love with this world, fall in love with this university life;Occasionally of the feelings affairs make people filled with exultation more.


Tang Long directly drive Tang can son this words lane almost choked, Tang can person unexpectedly say himself/herself with the affair in those early years, Tang Hu this time also openings way:"The daddy calculated, promise cocoa, did your regret still need to stay the next generation in those early years?You don't want to quickly embrace daughter's grandson, you don't forget a few days ago slowly an uncle to come to the time of our house that appearance, make reference to oneself to have three grandsons and a granddaughter, that appearance, you don't want to annoy him."

To woman again all of many comprehensions didn't is useful, thought her in the mind to speak, she can't say you cleverness, on the contrary will become angry from embarrassment, then rampant, be you still feel puzzling of time, before being already storm of Be getting more quite.

Huang Gui Yue was born in found a nation a beginning, the teacher is long from the month way of Wu Dang Xuan.He natural endowments difference Lin, 30 years old break inborn of territory, in those early years and the white cloud of green city flowed, He Wang Ye, cloud of the Kun Lun believes in of Ma Jun goes and called young four greatest superiors of one generations of Wu Mengs.Huang Gui Yue broke Huang Jie at the age of 50 , while the rest combining to call with him in those early years is 3 people, the white cloud also broke Huang Jie after flowing half year, besides which, another 2 people, He Wang Ye because of be trapped by the feeling, neglected Wu Xue, have no save into, but Ma Jun go because the teacher door is exterminated whole family by the evil door sneak attack, don't know a Zong.

The concrete strength gold is small to open to measure, but he sees at least, connect that looking like hard can not Cui of dollar dint hole hole, all drive this to break to drop.

"Younger sister, you really grew up!"Stuffy head the summer that drink hot soup cloud Xi, hear the younger sister's consolation voice, unbearable low voice sob get up, a long time is behind just resumed dispassion, put on to wipe off tears ashamedly toward the summer if Xi

Seal a Ling

The purple wing is silent a short while to say:"This still hereafter say again, I don't want to talk their affairs."

See the Du fly a point to nod, six green smile:"If you have to visit whole provinces, that guide's expenses may be a little bit high, we must seek a place to discuss well."

Just of the one punch, small open in the gold of eye in completely isn't single one punch:Don't know as well to is actually another means of that consciousness body, or is the ability that his oneself has-small open in the gold eyes in the integrity presented act, unexpectedly be dismantled to solve up to 100, each small segment is used a light virtual small frame to get up the frame, like make a show of a numerous layer window ways on the computer display.

See the Du fly even see all don't want to see her, in the heart of Li Dan Shu one pain, started to pull a younger sister to leave a western restaurant.The Ni can see the wretched appearance of Li Dan Shu, immediately some in the heart cant not bear to, fly to lightly call a way toward the Du:"Senior ……"

In a hurry a do not, remember fondly but no chance


The gold is small to open a silk to far from goodly prepare feeling, after opening a crystal cube and finding out the blood of those four strength, the gold is small to open absolutely hard believe his/her own eyes-originally have the half the blood of globosity strength of the fist size, unexpectedly shrunk finger size now!

Crystal stone, so the whole piece of mainlands all don't live ground send forth a strong energy ray of light to the external world, is also attractive in the astrospace.

"See to must make moves quickly, otherwise the affair very likely appears variety!"Wait small male to respect a farmland to withdraw after the secret room, the Du flew to give a deep sigh a tone way.These several days, he has already felt Tokyo is much much foreign breathing.Obviously, the black dragon would hold to break the affair of of five-star gene medicine, was no longer a secret!

His heart after the silk smiling face not from a tight, quickly visit an oneself nation of heavy ride soldier's phalanx.Those are after drawing apart those corpses heavy to ride a soldier to see courageous empire not from loosenned tone, as for those from fight a knife decoration of eight diagrams they didn't see out with you, even if is to see out can't have to shrink back, either, because of heavy ride a soldier most is that kind of vehemences that press forward with indomitable wills for entrusting of.The eye sees before in addition to 6,000 war knives outside is his/her own enemy, these postures that weighed to ride a soldier to tightly grip away with it medium big Ji to put to assault, even if have never attained quickest speed that and then how?I from have the war idea of red-blooded my one chamber and fearlessness.

"Elder brother, although you have with her what creeping vine I don't know, but from her look in the eyes, I can see her to like you very much." Jade facing the room walked two, then hesitated ground to stop down, summoned up courage facing Du to fly to say.

Oddly saw the Du fly one eye and finish a dew to also no longer ask more, fore the noodles led the way.However she in mind was full of a guess;"Does this foreign person prepare to embrace a bit of of walking?He so hard follows company's brigade, and then again drive

Hear the answer that the leaf sings breeze

Rong Yan's believing in after all is having already conducted several thousand years of big religious sect on the earth, although probably cans not wins against those on the force second person of Sa, but they have extensive person's vein and latent force and all escape at the each and every moves everywhere at least however their informer.

Jade just finished saying in the male's words, Tang can eyes of son almost bulged, because leaf this time cloud Qian and Lin Mu Xue have already seen to she.

The captain shakes and means to don't know as well.The gold is small to open over to kick that to depend on up to one feet, drank a way:"Ask you!Why will stare at to ascend us?"

That girl says with smile:"The uncle of the teacher, even if this thing really has strong strength, but ……we practice moral teachings actually how put on?"


"I think the intelligence report of courageous empire to can't have what problem, if is the absolute being that can explain that this bursts upon so and so shine on tall ship is to have another its person, see to absolute being's shining on a country isn't a courageous country to say so simplely."The leaf sang breeze to want to mean to say a way.

The secondary rainbow clothes looking at someone to obstruct his/her owns activity, not from get wrinkly knit the brows, needing what to see arrestment oneself is to seal more after leaving, the eyebrows is wrinkly more tight.

"Is not good!We escape quickly!"The voice that sudden rice Mr. Zhu is rattled rang to get up from the flank.

"Uncle Sun, you this calls how I should do, I am getting more careless, this descending me didn't know how to help you as well."The jade wanted to mean to say a way at the male.

Hear the order that the solid Lun does obeisance leader of alliance, those two elders then and directly set alight Dou spirit to fly in the past and launched the strongest Dou of what they controled skill and bombed to those two summit of hill giants.

Inside the sickroom leaves jade the time at two people of male and 2 Bs, the jade looking at a 2 Bs to say very seriously at the male:"2 Bs before I walk you not is say that you think like of?How just while coming in I look like you and then just become angry to the lovely jade, exactly and what is the row."

The headache that"your novel saw many ……" gold is small to open to live a treasure to this not is already:"Really want to seek inside the Dan, you dissect a corpse by yourself!"

Lin Wan Er isn't a girl who doesn't have the calculations, otherwise be also not likely to deal with household chores Be getting more tidy.Last year because the father was seduced to gamble family falling off, after she especially the idea find out relevant together village loafer Lin Er of inside situation, discover that his guy is a giving of casino in the city, the task is the person who seduces those some bottoms to gamble, then casino again dark skill, let the bearer greatly lose, squeeze to do its body up all illegitimate profits.

Seal Ling to have a strong the pride also have deeply under the aureole that legend from vulgar, even take grudge, but, can not deny, seal a Ling , more for seal to leave, return with grow adoration.

Du after flying off open Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Jia and then resumed to in times before disguise.So he pours to the Xue Ling Jian's sounding out is to don't fear to, directly shake head to negate a way:"See is affirmation have never seen, however if feel look familiar of words, perhaps is the person who once saw resemble with I relatively!"Finish saying and then no longer realize Xue Ling Jian, shut eyes to stop and rest.

Immediately after, he hears an ice layer of huge split a voice, and felt ice of noodles of


Thought along while, sudden someone knocked on door, jade's passing by a to open at the male is world to come, this is really the sparse guest, although didn't°yet to go to work of time, world can hardly come to jade in the male's home this time.

Leading role.

"This matter we will make collective report to elder generation Qiu and leaf's elder generation quickly, " is also fat to lose two people to understand urgency of settling a dispute the feeling at this time, the fat way person said and then ran to leave a big hall, thought is seek that Qiu elder generation and leaf's elder generation.

"What.I also have numerous wishes don't, the nature can't easily die, either."The gold is small to open and

On the heresy dollar face just as the dispassion at ordinary times, "you will know."

Fill Ni Er to frightened:"If this kind of technical ability re-appears, that is too terrible, the whole worlds will therefore disorder!"

Sea the Si looking at the look in the eyes of vegetables green insect in full is the air for envying, really very anxious to appropriate to oneself that runt.If there is this baby, that general defense natural covers can regard as nonentity and wear a door absolutely is all easy to accomplish into the door, even even cross space also is all very easy to do, also can't such as he is like this exhausting now.Sea the Si eye pupil turned several bottoms, on heap of face smiling face, gather together to come up a way:"Is small to open, you see this invoke the monster isn't very big either to your function, not equal to ……"

The book " pupil rules" is the living norm of the school-childrens, he teaches to weave according to the Supreme Sage Confucius of.

Pass by a burst of disorderly behind, a few pleased the districts of Zi Zi to youth wear a gold small open the crystal currency presenting to leave, but the others then insist staying down.The gold is small to open to looking at these rush through don't walk of youth, a bit annoyed in the heart.

"Excuse me, , have what matter?"The Du flew to once turn round and hoped before fixing attention on spirit hale and hearty white man old man, carefully ask a way.Just and obviously is this old man to intentionally let out breathing to let he discovers of, otherwise he still doesn't aware of self ground to sit on the sofa and connect

"……She that the United States, the looks still wants than the most beautiful woman whom you can imagine beautiful ascend three cent!But is a beauty like this, but to my small open an elder brother to fall in love at first sight!Admire!Fall in love at first sight, you know what is fall in love at first sight?Thus, the love story of a surprised world, Qi ghost absolute being then broke out in the in imposing array battlefield over there!The surroundings that corpse mountain sea of blood, these all can not hold up against two madly in love the person is that very hot heart ……"


Detection of, and saw the development process of affair clear, associated at the moment oneself be distress for farming technology, in the heart suddenly on moving, a move and then disappear in a sudden at city in.

Can the Yao not make him shocked?

"Dare to ask elder generation BE?"The space door that flows cloud territory is suddenly opened, the pupil being responsible for leading the way noticed naturally and treated to see Du to fly into and hurriedly come forward an arch hand to salute to ask a way.

"You are still worried that I will give variation person the report believe how of?"The male color that sees the other party one face, the Du flew to suddenly smile to open sentence fun, immediately will embarrassed

The red envelope that is consumedly a , say is hereafter see a stone absolutely seek him.

See after door open, the Du flies to have no hasty go in, but first listen attentively for a while, then just the Shan body go in, before those 2s' watching has never responded to come over, Zhang such as electricity ground the shot is dizzy they.

The gold is small to open have already understood to come over now, that basically be not what float to take, but the huge energy that the green vegetables insect will swallow a body after compressing form of energy crystallize!

Get into long after livinging a palace, then someone comes to connect himself/herself, is also a similar to heresy dollar old, however seal Ling or feel this person to deeply can not measure, see come from F already thorough tiger's den, go out, perhaps isn't a so easy affair.

"Teacher, it was late at night, you or take a rest."Wait and teacher Louis Si the master chew the fat till midnight, the Du ever and anon rubbed loins while flying to see him and then advised a way easily.

PS:collect, recommend!

Next time, the Ma Dong detailed couples rings carried on a research, finally discovering this universe ringing seeming could keep a thing, and only on signing square rice or so size, however Ma Dong didn't disappoint, because he has already thoughted of how make use of the universe ring, that is the illegal drug selling!


These things are all since Wu Leng Yai to loose to stay, the natural milli- Don't mention it went into a gold small open of pocket-drive he accepted into among own body, hand over to a fire tooth to study.

Eight diagrams although the everyones all recognize, truely understand this

"Great white crane elder, that what side effect does this kind of have?"Finish listenning to great white crane true person's stating, an elder of E Mei speaks to ask a way.All of the monks is pretty much emphasize natural self-discipline, medicine is come out by science and technology dispensation to this kind of, unavoidably some outlaws in heart.

"The boon outside wants to walk faster now, you stay to teach pupil here, don't go out first!"Saw public and safe down, the Du flies and then ordered a , then dynasty everyone order and then left concealed bead space.

After waiting Du to fly to return to six very green apartments, the Peng is old already to six green finish relating to fix the affair in the true boundary, and six green also mean to would like to do obeisance into the Peng bottom in the old door.

The 2 Bs returns this time ability how, compare with jade lovely come to say the 2 Bs exactly still kept once seeing some persons of big conditions, now that came to a decision and also spoke

"How to have no?"Deeply wear one silk in the voice of fire tooth is peculiar:" At you is a very big passage after death."

The gold color palm has been more and more near, also more and more small, the facial expression of the maternal pallor, press in the Wei of this gold color palm under, already to the both sides fall, whole body of putrefied flesh and blood also at this pressure under in succession the Zhan open, the flesh and blood is horizontal to fly.Such as if descend again to sink, only afraid will press flesh and blood to explode on the spot.

Our everybody nearby usually has a lot of persons of good hearts, is helping to pour favour, hurt us, but the person hardly knows.Because everyone doesn't know, oneself at stem what.

The Du flies at the moment heart in unique expect of, be hope this toad after seeing catch up him hopeless, now leave.Think come 23 win the monks of brigade all have been already far gone at the moment, the huge toad is to return to can not make track for either they, this also calculate he the insurance this time have no white to emit.

"The words are to say so, but always feel ……"



"Senior clerk, I am a clear son more.The Du that you have to seek flew to have news!"The telephone is that voice that spreads more clear son some delightses, he feels he this time is have a great achievement.

"That why fight the person of alliance will find out here, and still does the pupil that you originally should depart from this life do conductor?"Na gram many elders tightly force the ground cross-examine a way.

Every person all the beard love sky together reply ground to together carry

He bought an apple, the green apple of one big bag, she asks:"You not is like to eat a sour apple?He says:"Because you like".

"Like, I promise you!"Sun Xue promised down right after the words sound that the Du flies fell and the slightest ignored will pay for this what kind of price.

Sky.)24. Take care of yourself.(Oneself bewares of/care good yourself.)25. Thank you for everything.(Thank your to in many ways take care of/you are everything that I do.)26. Thank you all for coming.(Thanks for coming.)27. I appreciate your help.(I appreciate your help.)28. You're always welcome.(Do not be polite/need not thank)29. Forget it.(Calculated)30. It was my pleasure.(Need not thank.)31. I made a mistake.(I got mistake.)32. I'm terribly sorry.(It is really sorry.)33. I must apologize!(I have to apologize!)34. I feel terrible.(My felling is what a mess.)37. What do you do?(What work do you do?)38. How do you like your new job?(You feel your lately work how?)39. I like it a lot.(I like very much.)40. I like reading and listening to music.(I like to read and appreciate music.)41. What's wrong?(What is the row?)42. What happened?(Take place what matter?)43. I hope nothing is wrong.(I hope to be smooth.)44. I know how you feel.(I know your feeling.)45. Sorry to hear that.(Hear this news me very suffered.)46. Come on, you can do that.(Come, you can make.)47. Use your head.(Do a lot of thinking.)48. You did a great job.(You rush through very goodly.)49

"He be?!"The gold is small to open a shocked way:"You not is say that all of them are old guys?But that guy ……"

"My coming is to seek you to take one thing."That voice again rings out in the ear, however Ma Dong didn't hide, but quietly asked a way this time:"Do not know that you needs what, if at under can make it, definitely do utmost!"Say, but Ma Dong silently from the universe ring in took out one small pistol of chasing.

The Chou gets to the bedstand of luxurious big bed up put a figures camera of famous brand, like to steal the Xiao Hui of clapping the beauty to immediately see hunt heart pleased, accepted into own Dou inside, proper he wants to open door and suddenly hears the step voice outside the door while seeing to other rooms of villa, immediately Gong body

"Blockade?"Seal Ling Dao.


"Since so, that you according to my spread to say and start practicing to control Yan!"Get such a surprise, car Xuan station's accepting Du to fly for the heart of Tu is more getting firmer.He the then momentary moment also no longer procrastinate and directly took Du to fly into to go into a positive, "square one ……"

" Uncle, you are in my heart heel the daddy is similar, do obeisance you as teacher to still have what unwilling!" Forgot to openly agree Wu Tian's proposal, but didn't know that Wu Tian's in the minds all soon enjoyed to turn over.

The gold is small to open to observe in the status seeing own of"the first" bite Tui

"Finished, finished ……" is flown by the Du to clip of deliver a letter monk, all the way the double eye has no absolute being ground to mutter, until the Du flew break out of enough far, just stopped a step, put him down.

The Jiao Qu that will stick up that to the nephrite sort, the summer surname sister stopped dead action, the facing opposite side moves.

See car Xuan a station put on an act ground of one high carriage for putting, the Du flew to immediately understand this old man heart in think.However he is still that sentence:In no case change to throw his door!

Chapter 35 general assembly(up)

Two years, Sung a life time all soon suppress clearly crazy.Ever since that time two year agos he after Huang Gui Yue's in front played smart in small way, in the heart always Tan Te.However over there after a month, Huang Gui Yue spreads an information in person, he just grows while letting him keeping in mind the movements that that Du flies hiss one breath.

"What day?"Sealing to traverse is startled.

The tooth Liao is relatively afraid of of is four rank superior, hand over to treat according to the even Fu, steal to really have superior's existence of four ranks in the organization in the star, only those people are all each to have

"Fu scholar, you the matter is many!"Hear the Nian bamboo true person's complaint, the Dan dust son turned round Nu to scold a , then continued to return to body to head for back yard.

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