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I think Cincinnati's sucess depends on the leadership of the QB. Cincinnati can have all the talent in the world, but if Carson can not get the guys to come together as a team as Chad would say "Kiss the baby". Look at the Colts. Payton is a leader. The Colts do not have the best individual players but it is the leadership of Payton that makes the team come together and win. It is up to the offense to stay on the field and score, giving our defense time to rest. I totally agree with what was said that the Bengals have to many mental errors. They need to work on the OL not jumping to soon. I saw that all year long last year.


tired of my beeper, tired of my phone, tired of this tired ole tie I've got on ..when I've had it up to here I go down there. Again, I wish this were relaly an option. I guess until those things become an option, the music relaly is a way of escape. For just a few minutes I can lean my head back, close my eyes, and wander to a place of no shirt, no shoes, no problem

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He started to tread water relating to the hill, nonetheless, as Tony McCoy galvanised At Fishers Cross additionally, the pair progressively clawed back again the advantage in advance of poking their heads in front on the line to attain by a neck.
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Harrison utilised the guitar despite the fact that practising the music "I am the Walrus." Lennon played it in a online video session for "Hello, Goodbye."

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Police get Christopher Eaglin and Kindal Anderson (top notch row) and have arrested Joseph Sariah and Larry Willaims (bottom row) as suspects in the financial institution robbery

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The Rockets (24) drove all the way down to the Cougars 15 on their own future possession, but Miller was picked off in the end zone by Tony Strasiser to give North Star the ball in the 20.


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Chelsea continued to connect with the tune and Oscar headed straight at Foster from Juan Mata's cross prior to Ba hit a leftfooted work down the throat of your West Brom 'keeper.

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CARSON, Calif. Rookie Gyasi Zardes scored just before halftime, plus the Los angeles Galaxy snapped a threegame winless streak having a 10 victory Sunday evening greater than "SuperClasico" archrival Chivas Usa.

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Troopers are investigating even if liquor or medicine have been an element from the crash, reports say. No charges had been submitted as of Tuesday.

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