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Andrea Adventura

There is also another company called 4sight that was doing this first. Check them out

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Usually, Quicksilver/Roxy makes me think back to 6th grade when all the cool kids were sporting it... but this collection? I just want to snuggle up in those sweaters with a mug of coffee in front of a fire... at least once it's not in the 90's anymore!

red bottom

I also follow through Google Reader!

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I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

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Cool sunglasses!! Could be a great gift for my brother.


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i live in so cal, and its crazy were actually all stanitrg to just walk around in the ****. i know it sounds absurd, but believe me thats what were doing. no but seriously, u dont need to really worry about that. just wear whats you, there are honestly a lot of different styles out here. but angelitos will love u if u do what i first said


i always enjnyiog reading your post mae! just a side note, i can not believe its been almost a year since jose and i got married! it was like yesterday when we saw you last! either way since we basically got married the same time ..just 1 day earlier then you i too was thinking of something to give to jose for our anniversary. we always want to give something special to each other esp on anniversaries, so this year instead of giving something like a material gift, perhaps give something that you can build upon. for example, you can even steal this idea too if you like LOL.. pick a nice tin can (im going to pick out this coffee tin that we both enjoy drinking) and then each year we can add like a note, say something you like about each other, some hopes and dreams for each other etc so then years later, you can always look back and remember all the thoughts you shared for one another. flowers die out, stuff bears/dolls how many does one really need?, food/dinner gets eaten up, but notes requires more depth and thought and makes its super special..i think ))) + you can still give him his glasses heheh! xoxox to both of you!


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