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This shoe contains no overlay sew so it won't cause irritation to your feet and for enhanced support too.

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hi hoctro..i'm glad to see you back to Blogger. yeah, me too watinig another ur hacks..anyway, where is your past post?Best regard from Indonesia too :)


This may sound strange but has the whtaeer changed a great deal lately? There may be a crack in a cold solder joint on one of the SMD (Surface Mount Devices). For devices that do not generate a lot of internal heat changes in whtaeer like hot or cold and even humidity can cause the crack to grow causing all kinds of problems that can often be very hard to track down. The problem does not get much better even if you find the defective joint, a regular soldering iron can kill an SMD in Nanoseconds is applied incorrectly.


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Booming Android yang telah menjadi fenomena unik di dunia gadget turut menggoda perusahaan sekelas Tag Heuer untuk turut berkompetisi meramaikan pasar smartphone dengan produk mereka

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Mostly because we always plot out our route right when we get there and end up having so much fun that we're pleasantly tired instead of wiped out physically, so we never get to the meltdown phase.

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