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Taris Wenson A person only sincerely loves himself/herself, just may get more love and respect with sincere person.

Chapter 14 didn't fight for the double that didn't hurt

Sometimes, I will subconscious but not aware of self ground to think four word"learn to leave".

"All want on the water for immediately after three weeks, you by that time still fear can not see sea?Leave quickly!"The Du flew to smile to comfort the jade is a , pull her the place of facing engagement to walk.The Du flies to think a way to contact the underworld of the region, is knowing in the afternoon have in the evening leave for Somalia of after smuggling a ship, immediately found out a snake head, at some kind of sound out with after being sounded out, the Du flew to leave CNY 200,000, got two certificates for going aboard.

wholesale nfl jerseys "Want to eat and then eat!"The Du flies still and lightly hopes in addition to window and imitate a Buddha not is toward to allow Ting to talk.

In fact Qian Xiao Qing presses a root and then dided not prepare to pick up Tang right away can the plan of son, anyway Tang can the son think in the evening to the jade the room is at the male, also is not for totally leaving for sorcery mountain, now gave her opportunity.How to also make time go again better.

Seal a Ling to immediately feel that his/her own hearts all fig uped, the blood seemed to speed fluxion.


"Meeting 1:00."The Du flies a point to nod, didn't deny.

In this period, even once an interesting news happen, be evil palace elder wood beard son toward the Du flew seek credit, said is to discover feeling, dint two secrets, also besought Du fly make moves feeling dint 2 pulled out, otherwise become great trouble.

Fill Ni Er in response to the way:"Is ……" suddenly returns to absolute being, the facial expression is tiny and red, pretend a careless way:"What girl?"

"This little girl should be her appearance in childhood time, in other words, this dreamland is exactly according to her most perfect period in heart create of world.Probably being to think of is probably a desire, in a word she chose to return to this ages."

" Forget teacher, do I hear the news that you say to have those bandits?"Three young masters didn't talk more other, directly come straight to the point ground to ask a way.

"Fly ……calculate, I didn't contend for with you, everyone withdraw quickly!"The gold is small to open hello, many younger brothers immediately stir up to bite Tui AN in succession, and the full speed escapes.Under the help that have the small gold opens and the fire tooth is two strong, soon they then jilt the tracer of behind to thoroughly open and hid one thick bush in.

6, don't the woman know why the man will night after night drink wine after breaking up as well forever?

The speech that hears the car Xuan station violent in action, the Du flies of the facial expression suddenly have some to feel chill, however the of his words still keeps taking a gift number:"The boy teaches boon teacher to be just one small smallly build a radicle to expect monk, and scatter with boy for several years."Make reference to here, the Du flies of the voice suddenly become a firm way, " is on the first a teacher, the whole life a father.Let the boy turn to throw his affair of door, the boy is to absolutely don't to come out, hoping the car elder generation can understand!"

"Nine, "

"E ……" gold spring just on entering a toilet, inside spread one was stuffy to hum.Hear gold spring of stuffy hum a voice, China Qi cloud foot, give others expression of eyes, smallly the whole Ling of the rank peak the Han rushed at a toilet together with her and left four smallly the rank expect behind of the Long Zu a group of memberseses also rounded a toilet door.

Where is the happy source ?Is peculiarly satisfy still homely of happy, still and the close relatives' happiness of family reunion?I once entertained wild hope to happiness too many, but visit Ren and the symphony of society and family all day long in, I gradually discover happy demand a little.


Not so bad world just stopped down before office desk, then sat on the chair to say:"The jade is total, just heard Tang Hu seem to come, what is the row?BE not is medium did the sea there have an accident?Still those three teams will set out today, so I come to say 1."

Wish two happy person's sons, future the United States the dream all become reality.Congratulate you!

When the jade prepares to become angry at the male, the 2 Bs hurriedly gave the jade is in male's a look in the eyes, the jade knows on seeing that the 2 Bs seems at the male is also past make a town settle.

The voice of sudden fire tooth rings out:"Is stupid!You why don't you want to break to work properly son light ball?You forgot you still have a can only with break open space of invoke a monster?"

Chapter 10 double wins

Of the sorcery teacher initiative came out the Shu private's defense strategies, all sorcery teachers also 66 continuously and continuously came out defense strategies, all of these sorcery teachers gave up the defense Tan of oneself to expose under the attack of the other party, even connect sorcery shields don't let out, they want to economize their the magic of one silk ten cents of their own bodies, can knock down the other party with it.

Face a thus horrifying condition, I am surprised to be getting more foolish.Is vacant to frighten into inaction, one blank in the brain.

The Du flew on the supermarket to buy a lot of foods and was like to compress a biscuit, chocolate and preserved beef, salt and mineral spring what of, have no a few things in his large and waterproof shoulder bag so much, after packing so many foods, the space of inside still had a surplus.

Turn, as long as take bus what 2 Bses can't promise, this time still because have jade to help at the male, he just agrees.

The gold is small to open fidgety difficult be, then cast aside others, a person alone loiter about in the black iron city.

"Shout!"The small male respects a farmland just the love was over previous of the young girl, lightly shouted an one breath, again see moreover four young girl faces up peeped out to expect of air, although knew these young girls all be hurtling


"Mess!My unexpectedly forgetting a bed underneath is rich!"At the beginning after robbing bank, the gold is small to open really and don't know actually the and hide the where to large numbers of cashes, and then don't dare and save bank, ten thousand sorts are helpless under, have to and pack and fill a bed underneath with the cardboard box.If say just have who arrive at his house in literally see of words, that nature can't find out that cash.But if have police to search ……

May be that the afternoon is too exhausted, supervision appearance the guard of the front, started to make cup coffee to, after coming back, stare at appearance the United States Zi Zi the ground drink to have coffee and finished to know nothing a way him to in a twinkling put to come in an Azrael over there!

"Thank president!"Unexpectedly the dignity president is thus reasonable and easy to get along with at ordinary times, the minister of communication science and technology graduate division appreciates Ti zero, not from secretly make a firm decision, hereafter definitely be good friends with to recompense the whole world group so much.

At this time halt a ground of outer circle to go to since then of the ordinary mortal is just a concealed bead front door to disappear but quarrel loudly, O.K. here have Peng to rather etc. person to take pupil to maintain order, don't rise much trouble.

Sought personal number a little bit little window way line up, the Du flies with took the product that exchanges a point to exchange form to look.

Ship more lord in the house in brief gene medicine the business of introduced 1 time and intentionally lost a lot of things among them, if be not the small male respected a farmland to once listen to the Du flying in times before of lift to say, probably still really believed his this time speak.Wait a ship more main introduction in the house over after, small male respect the farmland stay calm and collected ground to ship more the house Be a little bit main to nod to mean a gratitude, then stole to see for a while ascend head of red tail heavy male, but discover on his face have no the slightest of facial expression, then not from in mind guess get up, ship more the this time speak of lord in the house is a president of association

Ambuscaded to harvest so much good thing at a time, the Du flew to almost decide later exclusively rob monk that kill force's be.Finally have no quilt at him so much avidity blunt faint brains, this mind after being in mind to hover around several turns be canceled by him.Several achievement methods the income keep thing bracelet afresh in, the Du flies to stretch hand to put on, then takes back all of the decoration ambuscading in times before, this just trampled green dollar sword to fly to soon leave.Although the cripple soul of dust wonderful old way returns to could not say what circumstance, after all is a monk that dollar baby expects be tidied up ground thus wretched, the Du flies to believe stroke that connect down force's be, affirmation will be more violent!

"Is alas!"Hear the clear speech brush-off that the summer blare snow, Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Xun didn't say again what, just gave a deep sigh an one breath, have already then and silently started to take leave.However when Li Su Mao wears Li Heng Yang to leave in the Chan turn head hatred poison the ground hoped a summer to blare snow and summer thunder one eye.

"Ask the of our groups the Hui?"Rather once the words sound of Peng fall, the pure Huang connects a people's way, " we China Wei believe in to go not to change name and sit not to change a surname and have what recruit and then put a horse to come over!"

Receive the Si manages of the ground position in the wound door that carries to be located in east up, harm door conduct and actions three of head, among them, the spirit of fighting weighs very much.Any person who gets into this by all means harms heavy and, although it is said be unlikely to die but the wound suffered from is a pole to harm vitality, the warrior of sunshine country a got into ground to carry to imitate a Buddha to sink into in thousand in general, that is thick the actually heavy spirit of fighting let these maneuver nautical pirates are also surprised whole body cold sweat, along with strategies of turn almost will have four weapons in each moment attack sunshine country the warrior is four vital parts on the body, this kind of like Wu life Tu general of the attacks let sunshine the warriors are impossible to effectively guard against, forward each one steps will be even on the body to add a wound.When these whole body scar, the whole body is the sunshine warrior of blood to come out ground to carry a for an instant signing of drive seven kill to gobble up but go into, they die of the destiny could say to destine.

"Calculate, again the etc. sees, the opportune moment is unsuited to now proper."The gold is small happy medium tiny to sigh 1.


"Like, wasn't now the change to call?"The jade at last and lightly bites Lin Mu Xue's lower ear lobe to say at the male.

"Wang Dao You, did your district finish fishing for?"After waiting Wang Tao to fly to come over, the Du flew to adjust a mood and beaming with smilesly asked a way to him.

Bring up the rear after turning into, gold Peng just easily pleasing immediately disappear to disappear on ground of face, replace of but is a face to worry.

"I how have preparing of a kind of bad omen feeling ……"

The Hey that the gold is small to open Hey a say with smile:"If want to carry out this, have to find out the origin body of big summer clansmen first.However this isn't difficult, after absorbing that mentally dense flame, I have already found out a concrete location and leave now of, just rush through in the past, then control an origin body!"

Vision also not from of see toward there, Li Jun is him to see Li Jun accurately say is a fairy martial empire there but discover the person of the whole fairy martial empire unexpectedly took a rest towards there being no the meaning of concerning in their battlefield, those soldiers handsomely signaling hint at Lee descending unexpectedly oning shift duty.When Li Jun discovers rest both parties' commander - in - chiefs all at looking at own of time, her light on smiling right hand forward a stretch to unexpectedly signal hint both parties to do as one pleases need not to take care of her.See iron that Li Jun act like this such as wildly with none of Sun Mou from of tight lock eyebrows, Li Jun actually is what mean, ever since that time started she has never attackstoned once on her own initiative, and also exhausts a lot after three taking turns of squareses and soldier who attackstone the fairy martial empires, if say that she wants to sit the benefit of accepting the fisherman basically and impossibly, because is all infantry in the her hand, the infantry is more probably strong than to ride a soldier in defending, but at this kind of one horse the geography of the even Chuan up attack perhaps have already had no so great use.

Seal the killing of Ling is carrying on, float to living a killing of valley is also launching prologue.

"Hum, say that let's are idiocies, write to lose money for etc.!"The Du flies a dark way 1, have small ball with the true spirit control.

"Get into atmosphere, ask each pilot in the space cabin to notice himself/herself protection measure."

However, no matter the Du flies is to thus can not believe, but result be such, work properly burning very in brief evolve successful, and he is also regarded as a jade liquid to expect of fix true.

"Xi Xi, teacher Bo Zu, if you don't give me the thing, I tell Zhang door too teacher Zu, say you again because the vanity compares force with somebody else!"The small Taoist priest doesn't to the thing see old Taoist priest, immediately slanting head threat way.


"That thanked younger brother Zhu Hua Lao!"The Gan trunk highway person smells speech exultation, the regardless of identity ground did one toward the Zhu Hua Dao person long Yi.

"Be not, after you walked in the morning, I make track for a coffee shop, but you have already disappeared a trace and shadow.I have to a few tour companies of the neighborhood search, somebody else also say have no your information, I finally found out a few guides, give the somebody else consult a fee, somebody else just told me your letter

"Keep in mind bamboo elder generation yes."A monk smells the speech smiling an answer way, " this time big match from we eight front door deliveries rise and hope to stimulate deeply chain machine teachers of evening hazes, let them afresh enthusiasm of shining to chain machine.This matter has already been passed in the concealed alliance inner part.Younger generation 2 people this comes be notify an expensive territory, don't know expensive territory then whether take part in?"

See this kind of circumstances, the Du flew to smile to smile.At the beginning in the evil crystal mineral of secret place, he at the right moment dug the evil crystal stone of a big piece, have been loathing to give up to knock ground become small evil crystal, be at the right moment used now.

The gold is small to open right Zhang to stretch out, greatly drink a way:"Opened by small gold order!Come out-ground fire monster Jing!"The dashing flame again appears, however this time at ground fire monster the Jing just showed the time of form, the gold is backward small to open right Zhang to suddenly clench fist, make an effort a to pull!Original can straightly and forward the fire dragon of square flight bellow a , will unexpectedly and really open according to the small gold, with the small gold open for center, rounded a wreath-like in shape route flight!

"Everythings are all damaged by the battle fire, can the thing leaving scarcely leave what."The card pulled to sigh a , the fascination falls low and seems to lose the interest for talking.

Be responsible for this time collect scrap iron of is still last time that love Zha shouts of younger brother, see when the Du flew to signal hint them to go out the step hesitated for a while, suddenly turn round come over, rush Du to fly the in front"plop" to kneel down a way:"Elder generation, I know that you are a Wu Lin Qi person, please accept me to do disciple, I will definitely show filial obedience your old man's house!"

The gold is small happy to say:"If originally, I perhaps still fear you three divide for two centses, however these day my real strenght advance by leaps and bounds, at the right moment take you to come to try me Be lately- come to hand super to bite a treasure!"However here is a busy streets street area, if want to get into nasty fight to perhaps will embroil numerous innocence, and the gold is small to open don't want to expose oneself's real strenght as well.

The Earth, the Z country faces sea.

pear.I looked at Holmes.His eyes were fixed on the place where the path disappeared into the fog.He was pale,but his eyes were bright.He looked like a man who was going to win the most important game of his life.Then suddenly his eyes nearly jumped out of his head,and his mouth opened in frightened surprise.I looked away from him to see what his eyes were fixed on.When I saw the awful shape that was coming towards us out of the fog,my blood turned cold.The revolver nearly fell from my hands,and my whole body froze with fear.

A long time later on, the whole secret room already again have no the thing can hit, red burning pant noisily to stand in total disorder ground of in the one up, the mood a little bit recovers down:"His grandmother of, see that woman next time, can not make her talk, kills with the strongest attack on meeting it, in case she speaks what should not say of words."


"You receive her and take her to the father there good.Rest of need not you, when the time comes, I visit senior behind also sometimes, calculate indemnification give your time?"Water is pure to work properly to wink a way.


"Elder generation, is the grade of this airship very high?"The always silent blue mountain sword conjectured a cockpit of each layout of printed sheet is some kind of, suddenly the openings flies to inquire a way to the Du.

Chapter 48 fishing company(up)

"Bomb Long!"Was long to enjoy a true person to just exceed a step, suddenly heard one bellow and raised head and looked, but is a lightning flash flash across, immediately air again appeared ten thousand Xias only, can not believe at him of in the vision, the hole mansion flying toward the Du remits to gather but go.

"Say so, have they really already left a black Ze star?"Hear the diverted period monk guarantee to say car Xuan a station 3 people absolutely leave and pondered a short moment in five elder hearts and changed direction the vision diverted period the monk again makes sure a way.

"Worry China eldest brother, you trust, the Chang Li can't definitely make you shameful!"Hope worry China some exhausted figures disappear at his door, Chang Li not from held to clench fist a head, started to also walk to return to room.

Then our fear for Sir Henry became greater than our ter ror.Holmes and I fired our revolvers together.The creature gave a loud cry of pain,and we knew we had hit it.But it did not stop,and ran on,after Sir Henry.

Looking at Xin Ji president of association according to after moving a button, the bookcase of his office separates to the both sides and peeps out the mirror noodles of a per person Gao, the Du flies then Xin Ji's president of association just put on for his five planets entry-level sorcery tunic.

"I don't know as well."The elder sister shook to shake head and saw that kind of people's form but grow the thing of wing, overturned her understanding to the world and made the one in nowadays in her brain confusion.


The heavy star gleams of star sky, each stars presses orbit or airs of cheerfulness of oneself slowly ambulation and look very complex, seem to be whole have no regulation, but again make people feel very naturally, imitate Buddha heart to immediately glide.The Du flies the Chi fan's ground to hope star sky and imagines the track of each stars, moment, he feels that he seemed to integrate into star sky, aerospace airship, space station all disappear disappear, leaves him and the whole star sky.The star moves, he moves;He moves, the star moves.

Hoping to go downward from the sky is a huge matchless canyon on the ground, Wan

'Nothing,'he said,and threw the letter down.'Now,Sir Henry,have you anything else to tell us?'

Feeling grateful is a kind of virtue, a kind of state.

Liu Sheng's household, black dragon will the medium old-brand high household is also one of a few high households that regards with hostility small male household, this time small male household half of strength be made to a Z country, Liu Sheng's household performs feats!And this parties to keep watch on Liu Sheng Xiao whom the small male respects a farmland time Lang, but is the long of Liu Sheng's household two buildings eldest son, although cannot compare with long building eldest son highly respectable, also can not small Qu.

"Face a sea person yes."The Du flies and also smiles an answer way, only the jade return a language confabulation that looking at 2 people and doesn't really understand with her.

PS:this chapter should be uploaded yesterday of, unexpectedly didn't spread up, the small Du just discovered, had already been really sorry while spreading today's chapter!

The classmates open the door to come in and take just some little of wine spirit.

Need Du to fly into after going into concealed bead, immediately heard if the wail of the rat, the heart reads on moving, the Du flies not from smile.The mermaid by now waking up again and if the rat beat, but if the guy of rat this real strenght not weaker than other party, but know to flee ignominiously and completely carried out it if the name of rat.

"You lost!"Water was pure to work properly to finally speak a sentence of words.



"Mess!How was this ?!"

The gold is small don't understand this guy bottle gourd of inside actually what to sell is what medicine, however still sit down according to speech.

Don't know as well actually many pass by for a long time, the gold is small to open slowly awake come over, that kind of felling very strange, seem deep bottom of sea to up float gradually from the utter darkness, in the moment also slowly appeared bright, and most make the gold small to open to feel shocked of BE, he can clearly feel to be existed to the third eye of he's body now!

Stand by the side of the light ball several big summer clansmens with once had no alienation, they meticulously observe that light ball, and record an observation to come down as a result.

"I am this fortress host the west Wei Er the father of the count, I wake up from the soundly asleep

Suddenly trucks, the morrow outside spreads a burst of sharply of brake voice!The gold is small to open at in stand unsteady, almost hit car compartment wall up!A few Nus drink to spread later on and seem to have what person is fighting in the outside!That physical fight abnormality vehemence, small open even can hear the voice of explosion, also have several individualses be beaten fly, mercilessly bump on the car compartment, send out depressed"Mao Mao" voice ring.

"In exist some living creatures that can fly, they will attackstone to fly empty boat, " dint Wang Song shrug shoulders a Bang way:"If you can close to altar historic relic,

"Go proper business, walk right path, old Dan, you can don't make what slanting idea!"The Nian bamboo true person is indeed as expected one scholar of Fu, hear face plum the true person's doubt, immediately wide awake from the infatuating with of wine, is talking to mutually tell a way toward the Dan dust son.

They absolutely still a rank practice moral teachings!

Consciousness that the gold is small to open gets into for a sky, in the thunder war drum after, the felling is to get into a space that fog spirit fills the air, in this everywhere floating of the space numerous light balls with rich in hues many colors, have of large have of small, however all contain great power extremely among them.The of ball that the gold is small to open carefully light at these shuttles, he can feel the fire tooth deploys of forbid to make in place ahead

See the teacher die a tragic death, forget finally cannot help but flowing next tears, the man has tears not to flip and is just non-arrival sadness.This half year gets along with,

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